Artist Rachel Scanlon

Cardboard palm tree, part of Art Factory: Paradise at The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh


Rachel studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University, before going on to gain a Masters degree in Scenography at the University of Central England, Birmingham. This encompassed areas of theatre design, set, scenic art, communicating messages, and creating atmosphere.

She is an experienced 2D painter and also works in 3D creating large scale installations. Her interest is in scale; particularly how altering scale affects how the audience perceives things and can be used to arouse imagination. She has created miniature houses where garden gnomes and fairies may live. On a larger scale she has constructed child-height pop-up books which act as miniature sets for children to move around inside. These have been used to inspire children to use their imagination and play, creating their own stories and characters inside the giant books.

Transforming a space into something original and inventive is at the heart of her installations.